Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA


So this morning on the way up the final hill to go back to my car at our local botanical garden, I heard someone say very faintly, “Sir?” The next time is was a little bit louder. The next time, still a little louder. I was thinking of other things so it took a while to register that maybe I should turn around. She was talking to me!
It was a very round woman with short legs who was plenty out of breath and holding out some sort of black nylon case in front of her as an offering to me.
Did you lose this?,” she panted.
I took the thing and opened it up to see what was in it and whether or not I wanted to have lost it.
“What’s in it? A bunch of twenties?” 
Actually it was a filter pouch marked POLAROID and had 4 assorted filters in it, of either 52mm or 55mm in size. I explained that it wasn’t mine although I very much appreciated the return, and suggested she put it back on the bench where she found it. I told her, “I figure if someone is going to look for it, they’ll think to look where they think they set it down,” and then I thanked her again. That made sense to her and she went back to where she approached from.
This afternoon, I went back to the park to look for the herons and and bunnies. This time I came in from the other side and approached the bridge from the other edge of the park. A young man in his 20’s was coming across the bridge, eyeing both me and my camera. I didn’t really notice, but he was holding some sort of black nylon case.
I turned, just short of the bridge, to walk the isthmus, when I heard from behind me,
Excuse me, Sir?
wp Botanical Garden Chipmunk


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