Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA

Beginning of The Short Season

Not Winter, of course, that’s a really long one. L O N G.

This is a short season. It’s Deer Season.
Sure, it’s for hunting with a gun, I suppose, but I’m out there hunting with a camera, and the deer are out there in great numbers because of that mating thing they do this month.

On the Far Shore

The females are out as usual, often wary these days, yet they can be seen night or day grazing in the fields, wandering around, or strolling by the river.

Doe by the River

It’s the males, the bigger ones, those with antlers that are more scarce all year long with the exception of this particular month, this particular Season.

Buck in the DistanceYou might see them running away in the distance as they are far more shy than the females are and I’m really not sure why.

In addition, I would guess there is only one male per twenty females, maybe thirty.

And still, once in a while you might be able to see them up close. When they are intent upon a mate, however temporary,
they’re absolutely resolute, vigilant, and no person with a camera is about to disturb them from what they aim to do.

It’s good to see them in the meadow, but that’s pretty rare.

Buck in the MeadowUp close and personal? Sometimes, but when this 250-pound beast broke off his slow-motion stalking of some females, eyeballed me, and began to approach me, I decided to break eye contact, hide behind a tree, and just let him get on with his day instead of asking for more candid portraits. They’re pretty unpredictable during mating season and I just wouldn’t want to be seen as competition.


Aye, it’s Deer Season now and it’s a short one, just about a month long, and as a result, we’ll have babies in the Spring.

Fawn and Mom

See you soon…


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  1. Super photos!


    November 22, 2014 at 8:13 am


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