Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA

The Captives

I don’t actually seek out the captives for subjects but sometimes it just makes sense.
(Tip of the hat to Alex’s blog)

Meanwhile, I mostly just look for wildlife in the wild.

While looking last week, in the early morning, during some luxurious fog, at a major bird migration site, I saw a cormorant stretching…

Early Morning Waterfowl

…and then further up the trail I found someone displaying their captive rehab birds. The owl was particularly handsome…

Captive Owl


…and a Turkey Vulture, which I usually see in Spring and Fall, about 300 feet up and a quarter mile away, was also in attendance.

A Turkey Vulture


The captives are not as “fun” to photograph as those in the wild, but the pictures can be terrific.
Please give generously when the people bring them to show.



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