Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA

Empty Handed

If you’re a regular person, and not a paid professional wildlife photographer, but just a regular ol’ person like I am that likes to hunt animals and birds with a camera,  then it’s my opinion that the last place you want to go with your camera is a designated wildlife area.

Birds and critters near cities are accustomed to sirens and large vehicles, lawn mowers and screaming kids, even motorcycles and chain saws. Out there in the wilderness, things are different. Some of the birds and critters in the wilderness haven’t ever even seen a human before, so unless you’re packing a telephoto lens powerful enough to see the individual water droplets on a passing cloud, you’ll never get a decent view of any self-respecting member of the wildlife population because they’ll flee at first sight of you, whether you’re aware of them or not.

Go anyway. It’s frustrating to scare away so very many living things that you only mean to look at for a five hundredth of a second, but it’s still nice to get out there, be one with Nature, to see and hear those things you don’t at home.

Near a Wildlife Area



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