Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA

White Geese

In all the ponds, lakes, rivers, and marshes around here, there are no white geese anywhere.
Swans? Sure.
Geese? Nope!

That is, except for around the ponds at an area hospital. I figure they’re the same as the white ducks I see in the same place. People buy their kids these cute, little, live ducklings (or geese — no way to tell them apart when they’re really little) at Easter time, and then have to turn them loose when they get older and aren’t so cute any more. But, where to let them go? Why, at that one hospital by the big fountain, where all the others are!

Even so, I consider them wild, or at least feral, and I like to include them with the critters I keep in my viewfinder.

White Geese



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