Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA

Hot and Windy

When it’s this thick and humid out, my only hope for photo survival is to head for the beach. Any venture into the woods would result in an unscheduled donation of blood to the mosquitos, and I’d probably melt under the sun in the open stretches of river while kayaking. The beach, though, provides just enough wind to take the edge off.

It appears the birds and critters don’t favor the heat either, but where they go is beyond me.

I expected to find a variety of subjects even though it’s only the very beginning of Fall migration season and yet I couldn’t even find a duck. It’s just too hot. I went all the way to the lake and all I could find was a bunch of gulls blowing around in the breeze. No matter, though. As you know, they’re a favorite subject. I can always count on the gulls.

Gulls at 12 O'clock


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