Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA

Hawk Season Begins

I live on the edge of the Atlantic Flyway, one of the four major north-south migration routes that birds use every Spring and Fall. It’s now time for them to cross the Great Lakes and come back south. There are no rest stops on any of the Great Lakes, so in order to cross over to Canada, and then back again later, the hawks ride the updraft air currents, over the mainland, higher and higher in a spiral path until they look no larger than a grain of pepper from the ground.

Once they reach the right altitude, they just soar for the entire trip to the next land.

For Lakes Superior and Michigan, they have to follow the shore for most of the trip, but Lake Erie is easy; it’s about a 30 mile trip from Canada to Michigan or Ohio.

Now the hawks are coming back and it’s easy to photograph the young ones. Only the young ones have no fear and let me photograph them until I tire out. In fact, a young hawk is the only subject I’ve ever had that’s willing to stay longer than I am. Needless to say, I like them plenty.

Hawk in a Tree


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