Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA

Gotchoo, Suckuh!

Aye. Birds are way cool as far as I’m concerned but this is one that I love to hate.

It’s called a Belted Kingfisher and you might find them near shallow lakes and slow moving rivers. Their fishing skill is a joy to watch as they swoop down low over the water and dip in, or even dive straight in from directly above, pluck a fish clean out of the water, and then fly away with their carry out meal.

The part I don’t appreciate is the way they won’t pose for a picture. If you approach them from land or even water, they’ll fly away at first sight of you and start to laugh most tauntingly. My Audubon book claims their call is a “Loud, penetrating rattle,” but I know full well that it’s simply laughter. They laugh at me for even thinking about taking their picture while they recede into the distance .

That is, unless one lands on a low branch without seeing me sitting there nearby in the shadows.



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