Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA


I’ll always remember when this one guy came in to our camera store. We were talking for a short while and then he snapped his fingers and pointed right at me with eyes quite wide.
“Hey, you’re the bird photographer, right?”

After thinking for a moment, I agreed. “Well… I… um… Yeah!

Actually, I think I’m a mammal photographer. I’m after the furry ones: the deer, squirrels, raccoons, and all others like them. A red fox is my #1 most-wanted, fyi, but I just can’t seem to see one at the same time my camera is in hand.

The birds are just so much more plentiful, more varied, often less less timid, and they can fly. These four things make birds pretty real cool to me. So although I appear to be a “bird photographer,” I will photograph the mammals whenever they’re available, like maybe this woodchuck (or ground hog – same thing).

I know a wood chuck is no red fox, but hey, they’re furry.



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