Wildlife Photography from the Midwest USA

Bambi times 2

Maybe you have a place you like to photograph bunnies? Well, if there are bunnies, and plenty of space, then there are white-tailed deer as well. It’s not a scientific fact, but it might be true all the same.

My bunny place reveals deer about 1 out of every 50 times I go there, only and always in the early morning. Early, like, I-should’ve-gone-to-bed-earlier early.

Once I arrived at the park, not satisfactorily humanized, I slowly walked around and looked for some finches, maybe a green heron, or a blue one, or even a duck for heaven’s sake, but no. I saw nothing.

So I said to myself quietly aloud,

“Welp, I guess there’s nothing here today…”
then I looked to my right and continued,
“…except… for… them…”

Beneath the Willow Tree


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