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Letters to Virginia 1

I’ll have no Christmas tree this year, but if I had 10 kids like you thought I did when we first met? It would be a WHOLE different situation for sure..

Casey’s tree would be in the dining room…

(the eldest child still living under our roof gets their own 6-foot tree to decorate, care for, and call their own. Casey goes to Princeton next year, so Angela gets her own tree next year! Yay for her!)

…we would have Christmas exchanges on Christmas Eve around the tree in the sunroom (that’s the 15-footer with the star on top!)

…and Bosco “owns” the tree I decorated outside (he pees on it every morning and evening, so we just say it’s “his” tree.) Ha ha!

Aye. Christmastime is wonderful (and plenty noisy) with 10 kids, I’ll tell you for sure! And I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I just wish we hadn’t named our only son “Bosco.”

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